Where Science Meets Art It Can Get Emotional

Though I drew a ton as a kid (mostly imaginary undersea worlds, if I'm honest) I have never been able to draw anything that resembled reality.

In life, the snapping turtle's face is nuanced, colorful and interesting, but all I've gotten across to you in my illustration below is: DANGER! M*THERF&ING JAWS! DANGER!

[Ten biting facts about snapping turtles and I find the color purple upsets me. Some possible psychological reasons for this.]

Snapping turtles have scared me since the consummate science illustrations of Holling Clancy Holling's Minn of The Mississippi that I read in terror when I was 10, even before I had ever seen one live. Hence, unconsciously, JAW PURPLE-TOOTH DANGER is what came out of my blunt-tip Sharpie when I tried to draw SNAPPING TURTLE.

Where science meets art it can get emotional. I mean, sweet Jesus, look at Minn, she looks like a weird-knowing-smiling mother of the Dothraki dragons.

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