What Seems Ordinary Is Often A Bird

The title page. Note the poor lighting. Kids, don't take photographs in your kitchen.

In the UK any serious birdwatcher "will take great exception" to being called a twitcher, but I'm in the US and I am a total twitch. This, my #birdfail, was inspired by Wallace Stevens' poem Thirteen Ways of Looking At A Blackbird, and it is my first foray into mixed media storytelling which, in the Riot Grrrl '90s, would have been called "a 'zine."

Yes, trees were used to make this. 

Also, stickers, ink, and my hot paws. Follow suit, friends. We'll be so real-world, hand-held material crafty that we will sweat glitter and revolution against the machines. Ha.  Don't laugh. 

[Also: 'Bot armies.]

My Aunt B inspired me as a kid to try to know nature. She knows birds.
(Note to self: Your handwriting sucks! Did Mrs. Jenkins teach you nothing?)

If you use the expression "goose egg" have you seen a bird? Technically, NO. 

I gave the bluebird character an obnoxious elan. It is, in fact, not a bluebird, but my self talk.  How I talk to myself. AWFUL. I'd better optimize that.(Also: don't you think the word ordinary in courier makes it even more ordinary?)

I don't know what that means but it is SO true that what seems ordinary is often a bird.  Damn skippy.

Everyone has a very personal endless question. What's yours?
Mine is, "Is that a bird?" It translates to, "Do I get it???", trying to make a meaningful whole by identifying parts.  

"Beware all enterprises that require new clothes," said St. Henry David Thoreau. He was on to something. Most things. But, ignoring him as usual, I have the zip-short hiking pants anyway.

"I do not know which to prefer/...The blackbird whistling/ Or just after."

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