neighborhood nature

It's my mission to build community around the appreciation of nature, to neighborhood nature journal ... for the planet. With the goal -- ultimately -- to preserve wilderness. Habitat destruction is the number one threat to biodiversity.

I like living here on Earth with it's great atmosphere, even above the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thu in heavily-developed NW Baltimore County. It's my patch and my jam, and so far, the solar system's only habitable rock.

We don't want to be The Only Living Boy in New Yorkdo we? 

To care like E.O. Wilson about preserving wilderness, first we have to care about what's around us. What's your patch? What's your jam? Find your physiographic province:

We must appreciate anything at all that lives around usincluding ourselves, the habitat-destructing, scene-stealing, world theater-hogs who make A LOT of plastic. It's wondrous. Life is foxy. "Alien spawn definitely," my son said when I showed him a cicada shell I found at the donut drive-thru. 

Neighborhood nature-journal nerds, start where you are, go forth and observe with paper, pencil, and with your smartphone's microphone on. Record what's there and remember that E.O. made his career on ants for goodness' sake and I've seen a lot of those.

E.O. Wilson, one of my all-time heroes.

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