An Internet of Fungus

The pink lady's slipper, one of Maryland's native wildflowers.
I would buy it if it came in real shoe.

The forest floor has been the thing that's been trying to connect with me through my Keens, but La la la, I said to the plants and their associated fungi, I can't hear your siren's call. Y'all are just greenery. Window dressing.  

Plants are sessile and quiet, I said to myself, therefore boring -- and too much like myself. I will look elsewhere. Give me a bald eagle!  Or a coy fox like so:

Nope. Foxes never look like this.
But this pistachio color is what I will look like at the finale of my Maryland master naturalist training next Monday when I must give a presentation. Why does our culture so privilege extroverts?

Plants introverted-ly communicate quiet chemical messages to each other using "an internet of fungus." There's a whole book on it: The Hidden Life of Trees.

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