Nature Walk With Iris McGinty, Suburban Naturalist

I have an alter ego: Iris McGinty.  Lace up your walking shoes because "a walk with Iris the suburban naturalist is a hoot and you might see owls," is her tagline. 


Does everyone have their GORP? We're going to be doing a lot of bushwacking through landscaping, people!  

Woo! Cross dead pigeon off your bird wish lists! 

That deer with its tongue hanging out of its face was probably hit by a kid driving a Tesla. 

But (it's hard to tell) it could have been a lacrosse mom in an Audi that crushed that raccoon's skull. 

Mummified squirrel! Oh my god. What a find.  The conditions have to be just right for mummification and I guess they were in this mini-mall's nail salon dumpster!

There are not just used condoms in that culvert if you poke around it with your walking stick. 

Parabens? Endocrine disruptors? I'm so excited to find out what's in the BJ's storm water overflow pipe! 

We've found another species of bird! The red shoulde-- wait no, that's a rat. 

Does anyone have on their bird wish lists rat with its eyeballs eaten by ants? Because: boy oh boy! 

The drainage ditch  -- let's call it "An Ecosystem" (and be sure to wash your hands carefully when you get home.)

Cattails are edible if the city core where the millennials all smartly moved to is wasted by apocalypse, and the suburban office park stormwater retention pond is all we have left.

"Happiness, knowledge, not in another place but this place" is something Walt Whitman said. 

And it's what I always say! 

Walt Whitman -- his loss -- never saw the back side of the Pikesville Target. It's amazing back here! So many dead pigeons! 

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