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naturalists wear neckerchiefs

I used to joke that my alter ego was Iris McGinty,  a middle-aged, wannabe 19th-century lady naturalist in the suburbs in a large straw hat like John Muir and PS I have this very hat:

I thought Iris was fiction. However, in real life, I am going full-throttle McGinty; changing careers from writer to the hyphenated situation of naturalist-writer. Rachel "make a difference" Carson would approve. Saint Rachel:

But, What to wear? It is another of my same questions endlessly. Like, Is that a bird?

Considering my options (muumuu, hiking pants that zip off into hiking shorts, a three-piece suit like Muir, muumuu), I've made my mind up on the one thing that's de rigueur for all cool naturalists: the neckerchief, "a type of neckwear associated with Scouts, cowboys, and sailors."

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